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Over 25 Years of experience protecting your rights

Divorce Mediation

The law office of Christina A. Marino emphasizes dignity and integrity throughout the divorce process. As a 25-year veteran of divorce law, attorney Marino understands how to navigate the difficult terrain often presented in divorce cases. Mediation is one of the available tools that makes successful navigation possible.

In doing so, attorney Marino does not just aim for efficiency. She aims for effectiveness. Effectiveness means working with each client to treat each client as a person, to address concerns and answer questions. In this respect, the firm's initial consultation is different from the brief 10-minute consultation most clients normally think of when they think of an initial consultation.

Work With A Certified Family Law Mediator

The firm also works with a certified mediator when clients wish to make mediation a component of their divorce process. This certified mediator, coupled with attorney Marino's own 25 years of work as a divorce lawyer, means that clients receive their services from knowledgeable professionals.

Mediation can often make a divorce less contentious. It can also provide clients with valuable savings as opposed to relying only on traditional adversarial proceedings in court.

Clients throughout Queens, Long Island and New York City also appreciate attorney Marino's trademark candor. They know what attorney Marino really thinks about their cases. They know they can depend on her for realistic assessments of their cases, assessments they can rely on with confidence when making some of the most important decisions of their lives, both personally and financially.

Get A Real Consultation

Schedule your initial consultation with the law office of Christina A. Marino by calling 800-419-4714. Potential clients can also reach the firm online.


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