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Child Custody Attorney

Determining child custody and visitation agreements has been described as a gut-wrenching process. This should come as no surprise. Children are the first priority for almost every parent, so it is logical that any legal arrangement that changes the relationship or the logistics of a relationship between a parent and child will be stressful.

Attorney Christina A. Marino has more than 25 years handling family law issues in Queens, including complex matters involving children. Contact her law firm at 800-419-4714 to schedule an appointment.

Working With A Child Custody Attorney To Understand The Changes

When a couple is married, they live together in one house, and the family operates according to their status quo. After a divorce, that changes, and it can be difficult for both parents to adjust to child custody arrangements. For the noncustodial parents, it can be challenging not to see their children every day, and some custodial parents don't feel like the other parent makes enough time to see the children.

At her law firm, Christina A. Marino is honest with her clients and counsels them about what to expect throughout the process. Her extensive background in the New York family courts enables her to prepare you for every element of the process.

Helping Parents Protect The Best Interests Of The Children

When determining child custody and visitation arrangements, courts typically consider the best interests of the children. Some best interest factors include:

  • Financial status of each parent
  • Job status of each parent
  • Health and fitness of each parent
  • Preference of the child
  • Emotional ties to the child

Christina A. Marino will present you with the options for your situation, and help you figure out the best approach. She also helps clients change child support orders and custody arrangements if their circumstances change.

Contact A Long Island Visitation Attorney Today

The time spent with children should be cherished. Lawyer Christina A. Marino will help protect the time you have with your children. Contact her Queens law firm at 800-419-4714 to learn more about child custody from an experienced lawyer.


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