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Over 25 Years of experience protecting your rights

Queens Alimony Lawyer

For more than a quarter of a century, attorney Christina A. Marino has protected the rights of clients throughout Long Island, Queens and the New York City area, including those clients facing difficult alimony and spousal support issues. These years of experience as a divorce lawyer provide her with the seasoned legal judgment clients can rely on confidently during even the most difficult alimony and spousal support cases.

Additionally, seasoned legal judgment means she knows how the law works on a practical basis. She understands how many judges view certain legal situations in a particular way. She also understands how particular legal strategies can play out given the involvement of a particular opposing counsel.

Dignity And Integrity

Attorney Marino's experience also means she knows how to provide clients with legal representation designed to preserve dignity and integrity. Especially when alimony and spousal support matters arise, dignity and integrity hold a place of importance.

The law firm of Christina A. Marino assists clients with a broad range of matters related to spousal support and alimony. These matters often involve:

  • Change in New York law regarding support amounts and how those amounts are determined
  • Contested divorces
  • Standards of living
  • Income issues
  • Available assets

As a result, clients from throughout Queens and New York City seek attorney Marino's candid assessment of their alimony and spousal support situations. Her office will help you understand how the law applies in your circumstances, what this means for the dollar amounts involved and what legal options may be available to you.

Get The Initial Consultation You Need To Understand Your Rights

Call our office to schedule an initial consultation: 800-419-4714. You can also reach us online. Attorney Marino makes consultations an integral part of her overall approach in emphasizing dignity and integrity. She spends the time with you to ensure that your concerns are addressed and your questions answered.


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