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Adoption Lawyer

Helping With The Gift Of Adoption Or Battle Of Parental Rights

Adoption can be one of the loveliest gifts parents receive. But what happens if a biological father never gave his consent to the adoption?

Attorney Christina A. Marino loves working with families throughout New York when the adoption process is operating at its finest, but she also knows that isn't the reality for all families, and she is ready to help in those situations as well.

Christina A. Marino has been helping families for more than 25 years. Call her to discuss handling the spectrum of things that arise in adoption, including adult adoption and stepchild adoption, as well as the topics discussed below.

Assisted Reproductive Technology And Second-Parent Adoption

When a couple decides to use assisted reproductive technology — such as artificial insemination — it's critical for them to consider who will legally receive parenting rights when the child is born.

You may assume that both parents have rights, but the law may not view it that way if your relationship changes. To help ensure both parents receive child custody rights, it's critical for the parent who isn't carrying the child to speak with an attorney to learn if that parent should pursue second-parent adoption.

Rights Of Biological Parents Protected By Queens County Lawyers

Biological parents have rights to be with their children, and the birth mother must consent before children are given up for adoption. However, even if the birth father does not consent to the adoption, it may still happen. Christina A. Marino works with parents whose rights were violated and helps ensure their parental rights are respected moving forward.

In some situations, biological parents may not be able to raise their children, but they still want to know the adoptive parents are the right people to raise their children. In those situations, an open adoption may allow the biological parents to have a relationship with their children.

Many adoptive parents will consider open adoptions, but that is not always the case. Queens adoption lawyer, Christina A. Marino works closely with biological and adoptive parents to help ensure their priorities are in alignment. A post-adoption contact agreement can help detail the perimeters of that relationship by addressing questions such as:

  • Can the biological parents visit the children?
  • Can the biological parents call the children?
  • If there is contact, how long will it last?
  • Will the adoptive parents send photos?

Contact a New York Attorney Who Values The Importance Of Family

Christina A. Marino knows that family is one of the most important things in life, and adoption can help shape your family. If you are interested in discussing your adoption matters, contact her online or call 800-419-4714. She offers consultations. Please contact her to set this up.


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